First Time to Moodle?

Welcome to CLSC, the installation of Concordia Lutheran Seminary courses on Moodle.
This secure webpage is where you will begin when you want to access content associated with your CLS courses.

  • The column on the left contains the links that will take you to your courses. If your course does not appear here yet, send an email request to the registrar.
  • If you are looking for a link to the live video conference of your class, it will be with that course.
  • The centre column contains general site news (there likely will not be much content here).
  • The column on the right contains automatically updated 'activity' information.

I hope you find your time studying at CLS, whether on campus, or at a distance, to be enjoyable and edifying.
In His service,

CLS Registrar/Moodle Administrator

Last modified: Thursday, 4 September 2014, 11:11 AM